A partner programme that rewards new business

Dell is still trying to shrug off its reputation of being a direct business, and has introduced a new partner programme that makes it very attractive for resellers to partner with the IT vendor.

Channel director David Futter outlines the new programme, pointing out that it is now a global, unified programme that aligns the entire global team across business units an regions.

The new programme, that is designed to drive new business growth, now has four partner levels: accredited partner, preferred partner, premier partner and premier plus partner.

A partner’s level is tied to its revenue achievements for four quarters, and its level of certification.

The certification is important because it ensures that partners are qualified to deliver solutions in the areas of their choice. All training and certification is free, Futter points out, and can be carried out either online or in classroom sessions.

Futter explains that the new partner programme doesn’t set targets for resellers. “Yes, there are expectations, but they are thresholds not targets.”

Rebates are determined by the four-quarter average, with a one quarter lag, and partners must achieve over the minimum quarterly thresholds in order to qualify for rebates.

In addition, partners must have certification in a particular line of business to earn rebates in that line of business.

The rebates are generous, Futter adds, and are designed to incentivise the growth of new business.

“So new business would get the 3% base rebate, plus a 15% rebate for being a new account – that’s an 18% rebate for new business.”

Of course, partners have to make sure they follow the correct deal registration processes for new business, and Dell will verify that the customer hasn’t bought anything within the specific line of business for the past two years for enterprise products, or 12 months for client products.

And the first deal is not the only one that partners can earn the massive rebates on: they will continue getting the new business incentive for that customer for the next six months as long as new deals are above the minimum thresholds.

“We want to be driving significant new business with our premier partners,” Futter explains.

“I’ve never seen anything as aggressive as these rebates before; it’s a clear message from Dell that we want to build new business with our partners.”

The new partner programme also includes a service-attach rebate, and Dell is working with its distributors to work this into the services that partners resell via distribution.


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